Monday, July 25, 2016

Asphalt Paving Completed. Landscape Restoration Being Scheduled

Work Completed Last Week, July 18th to July 22nd 
·         Completed grading of areas disturbed by construction
·         Continued installation and grading of topsoil
·         Final cleaning and work to prepare for paving the final layer of asphalt pavement
·         Applying layer of tack coat (oil) and sand prior to asphalt paving
·         Asphalt surface paving

Work Remaining to be completed
·         Installation and grading of topsoil
·         Sod Installation
·         Driveway restorations

Now that the final layer of asphalt surface has been paved, the most significant items remaining to complete are sod installation and asphalt driveway restoration.

The asphalt driveway restorations are being scheduled and should be completed in the near future.

We are still determining the best option for sod installation.  At this time, the contractor has indicated they would like to install the sod and perform heavy watering to ensure the sod lives and a healthy stand of grass is established. We are continuing to monitor the weather conditions and discuss the best option with the contractor. Once a final schedule is determined, we will be sure to pass the information along.

Hopefully you are happy with the improvements to your neighborhood and once the final items are completed, your lawns will be restored to looking the way they did prior to the work beginning.