Friday, May 6, 2016

Water Main Installation Started and Will Continue Next Week Along Executive Lane

Work Completed Last Week, May 2nd to May 6th  
·         Grind-in-place of existing asphalt pavement over proposed water main trench along entire project site
·         Connection to existing water main at Executive Lane and Executive Court
·         Installation of new 12-inch water main along Executive Lane starting at Executive Court and moving north
Work Anticipated to be completed Next week, May 9th to May 13th  
·         Continue with new 12-inch water main installation along Executive Lane working north from Executive Court

The contractor has just started construction along Executive Lane installing the new 12-inch water main. It is anticipated, the contractor will continue to install the new water main along Executive Lane prior to installing the new water main within the Executive Court and Executive Circle. As the contractor passes by each of these intersections, there might be temporary restrictions to access. We will be sure to keep you notified should any restrictions occur.

As construction has started, there already have been some inconveniences experienced by residents. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the project and will be do everything possible to help alleviate as any delays and inconveniences as possible.